Proteomics / Academic service
Newcastle University Protein Production and Analysis
mass spectrometry-based, proteomics, data storage and analysis


• Determination of the molecular weight of individual proteins using Ultra High Resolution Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry on a Bruker maXis 4G mass spectrometer

• Intact protein sequencing using T3 sequencing on MALDI-TOF

• Peptide mass fingerprinting

• Identification of proteins in single bands from SDS-PAGE gels

• Identification of proteins in solution or in biological fluids (such as plasma, urine, saliva)

• Determination of proteins that have changed in abundance when a biological system has been perturbed experimentally (quantitative expression proteomics) using techniques such as

o SILAC (Stable Isotope Labelling in Cell Culture)

o Isobaric labelling of peptides (using TMT, iTRAQ or IPTL)

o Label free quantitation using data-dependent acquisition or SWATH-MS

• Quantitation of drugs or their metabolites

• Discovery, verification or identification of proteins that have undergone post-translational modification (such as phosphorylation, ubiquitylation or glycosylation)

• Characterisation of protein-protein or protein-ligand interactions using analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC)

Provided resource

In addition to the experiments outlined in the 'technical aspects' section, we provide extensive consultancy for bespoke projects.

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