About BARCdb

BARCdb is a freely available web resource of analytical technology services and products used in biomedical research, listing expertise and molecular resource capabilities available at research centres and biotech companies. Initially focused on service providers in the Nordic region, BARCdb is currently being extended to the rest of Europe. The database is designed for researchers who require information about how to make best use of valuable samples from biobanks and other biomedical sample collections, focusing on choice of current analysis techniques and the demands they make on, e.g. the type of samples, pre-analytical preparation or amount needed. BARCdb is part of the Swedish biobanking infrastructure of Sweden ( and is developed and managed at the Department of Immunology Genetics and Pathology, Uppsala University, Sweden.

BARCdb can contribute to matching resource providers with potential users, stimulating transnational collaborations, and promoting more optimal use of European resources in general, both with respect to standard and more experimental technologies, and for valuable biobank samples.

Resource providers

If you, as part of an academic centre or a company, represent a service facility providing molecular analysis technologies or other resources useful for biomedical research, then you are invited to participate in the database. For more information please go to Participate (top right).