BARCdb – new providers form

BARCdb, the Biobanking Analysis Resource Catalogue, is a freely available web resource, listing expertise and molecular resource capabilities of research centres and biotech companies. Initially focused on service providers in the Nordic region, BARCdb is currently being extended to the rest of Europe. The database is designed for researchers who require information about how to make best use of valuable biospecimens from biobanks and other sample collections, focusing on the choice of analytic techniques and the demands they make on the type of samples, pre-analytical sample preparation, and amounts needed.

The intention of this form (see below) is to gather information on resources for molecular analysis with the goal to create a comprehensive coverage of resources (collected at one place) in Europe. In this way we hope to bring together resource providers and potential users / customers, to stimulate transnational collaboration and a more optimal use of the European resources both technologies and valuable biospecimens.

Please take the time to fill out the form (found below), describing the key service, technique or product that you provide for analysis (or preparation) of biomolecules. If you provide more than one type of service, technique or product please fill out separate forms for each one.

Should you have any questions or comments please contact: